Does Your Online Business Need a Fulfillment Enabler? Here Are 4 Signs It REALLY Does!

Sep 3, 2021 | Article

As an online business owner, your involvement in your own business does matter. In fact, you have to be involved in it. But do you feel like you have too much to handle these days, especially if your business has been growing faster than initially expected? Do you find it difficult lately to keep up with customer demand?  

Maybe it’s time to realize that while your participation or presence is important, you shouldn’t be doing everything yourself! You should know that there are aspects of your business you can totally entrust to someone else, like your logistics and warehousing. 

Partnering with an e-commerce fulfilment enabler can be a solution and relieve your pain points significantly. But not every [online] business owner considers this option soon enough. So before you’re too exhausted and things get out of control, here are 4 signs why you should start looking for a trusted e-commerce fulfilment enabler!

1. You work too much

Expect more work as your business grows. But too much work will only result in burnout that will eventually affect your business negatively. So if you think there’s already too much on your plate, stop adding more to it. Let the professionals, in this case an e-commerce fulfilment enabler, take care of the logistics and warehousing problems which can be time, energy, and money consuming.

2. Increasingerrors

When it becomes too busy at work while you and your team get all tired, you’re prone to make mistakes. Even small mistakes could lead to big ones. This is dangerous for your business. Especially in the marketplace, where everybody can easily find out about you, errors like stock disrepancies, late shipping, sending the wrong items, or sending to the wrong address could harm your reputation and customer dissatisfaction – leading to them losing interest in buying from you. Not only will this ruin your brand, but it will also affect your income in the future.

3. You’re tired of fulfilling orders

Getting new orders is nice, but fulfilling the orders isn’t that fun. Picking and packing one order or two is fine, but what if you have tens or even hundreds orders per day? What if those orders need to be shipped via different courier services? 

If you insist on doing it on your own, you’ll end up spending more time doing fulfillment instead of doing other things that are more important for your business. So if you think fulfillment has started burdening you, it’s time to let your trusted e-commerce fulfilment enabler take it over.

4. You run out of space

You need space to store your products. And as demand is rising, there’s also a need to increase your production and subsequently increase your storage space. But as we’ve told you before, adding more space can be expensive [Ini link-kan ke article 5 reasons to outsource your warehouse]. If renting or buying new storage space isn’t an option for you right now, you may start looking for an e-commerce/ fulfilment enabler partner soon. 

Where to start looking for an e-commerce/ fulfilment enabler? 

Considering to partner up with an e-commerce/ fulfilment enabler? Look nowhere else, because 8Commerce is the perfect partner for your business. In addition to well-built storage warehouse, we offer updated technology and other excellence that supports your business.  

With teams consisting of professionals in the logistics and warehousing field, we’re committed to providing the best, trustworthy services that will help you scale-up your online business even more and ensure your customer satisfaction. Need more details about 8Commerce? Connect with our team here. 

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