Store Operation

Multichannel Management

While selling on multiple marketplaces increases the opportunity to boost sales, listing each product on different markets and keep track of inventory can be a lot of work.

Minimize the inconvenience with 8Commerce that keeps your stores managed and keeps your stocks updated.

Customer Service

Your customers may need to know their order’s status, have questions about your products or want to place a bigger order.

Respond to all of their inquiries with the help of 8Commerce’s professional customer service staff who will handle every issue as soon as possible and do followups to the involved parties.

Store Operation


Our system will automatically classify your items and place them in the most suitable storage in our warehouse facility to keep them in their best condition.

And with no human intervention, we can minimize human errors that includes stock discrepancies and lost items.

Last Mile Delivery

The number of your sales depends a lot on how your products get delivered to customer.

So supported by our sister company LINC Logistics, we continue our excellent service until your package arrives to the right customers and until they are fully satisfied.

Value Added Services

  • Kitting
  • QC Service
  • Bundling Service
  • Labeling



What’s your customers want? Which products should you stock more? Which ones need to be recalled as they’re nearing their expiry dates? 8Commerce helps you figure it out via easy-to-read and accurate report which you can always use to improve your marketing strategy.

The Process

8Commerce ensures that your products are received and stored properly. During this process, our system records every item to maintain inventory accuracy and to keep them in good condition. Partnering with reliable logistics companies, 8Commerce guarantees that each product is correctly labelled, shipped and delivered to the right customer.

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