Order Fulfillment

product storage

Our system will automatically classify your items and place them in the most suitable storage in our warehouse facility to keep them in their best condition. With system directed operations, and capable manpower, we can make sure that your product storage will no longer be a rather troublesome process.

product handling

Either Inbound or Outbound, 8Commerce will make sure that all of the handling process in our warehouse will be executed well. We will do all the related product handling such as: putaway, picking, and packing for you. 

inventory management

We implant integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) in managing our inventory. Every transactions, in and out, will all be recorder in our system accurately. That being said, we can avoid human errors that includes stock discrepancies and lost items.

order fulfillment

Our Order Management System are integrated with almost every marketplaces and e-store, and will automatically send information upon customer orders. With no human intervention on placing the orders, we can ensure that the order fulfilled by 8commerce will have a high accuracy. 

last mile delivery

The number of your sales depends a lot on how your products get delivered to customer. So supported by our sister company LINC Logistics, we continue our excellent service until your package arrives to the right customers and until they are fully satisfied.

Store Operation

e-store product management

We will take care of your products on every online sales channel (e-store or websites & marketplace). This service includes catalogue upload, product listing, and product categorization.

customer service

Your customers may need to know their order’s status, have questions about your products or want to place a bigger order. Respond to all of their inquiries with the help of 8Commerce’s professional customer service staff who will handle every issue as soon as possible.

marketplace digital marketing

Our digital marketing team will ideate marketing campaign on your marketplace to help you boost your sales, and no need to worry cause we will help execute them too. You will also received reports upon the ending period of your campaign.

e-store creation & decoration

If you are thinking of expanding your online store to other marketplace you have’nt explore, you’re in the right place. We will do it all for you, from setting up your new e-store and decorate your new e-store too.

seller center management

Managing your seller center might comes a little tricky. Setting your courier choice, managing your display, and many more. These might comes as an operational burden, but not anymore. You can actually leave all these matters to 8Commerce and focus on growing your business.

Value Added Services

Our Features

omnichannel management

Minimize the inconvenience of product management activities on different marketplace and keep track of your inventory update in real time with our omnichannel management capability. Switch to omnichannel management for a far better & seamless online selling experience.


Our team had spent years to develop our own Order Management System with omnichannel capability, called the Sales Channel Integration (SCI). Our SCI had been integrated with all main marketplace players such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, and many other.


We deployed Flux Honeywell Warehouse Management System in our warehouses since it’s know for its strength in the supply chain domain, as well as its flexibility and features-rich to fully meet our management needs for omni-channel business.

The Process

8Commerce ensures that your products are received and stored properly. During this process, our system records every item to maintain inventory accuracy and to keep them in good condition. Partnering with reliable logistics companies, 8Commerce guarantees that each product is correctly labelled, shipped and delivered to the right customer.

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