5 Tips to improve your e-commerce site

Apr 20, 2022 | Article

5 Tips to improve your e-commerce site

Whenever they are browsing online, regardless of whether it’s to buy a product/service or research something, prospective buyers often pay attention to the website’s layout. If a particular website’s design is clunky and difficult to use, they are less likely to trust the company and whatever they’re trying to tell or sell. They will stop engaging with a site if it’s unattractive. Website design is the top factor people say when determining a business’s credibility. Yes, for businesses that rely on e-commerce, your website design matters. So don’t underestimate this aspect.

Here are some easy tips that can help you improve your e-commerce customer experience, content and website design:

1. Optimise your product imagery

Only use images on your content pages that are good quality and not too heavy in terms of file size. This will increase your web store page performance as well as your customers’ user experience.

2. Enable your customers to easily find what they need

The harder it is for your customers to find what they need on your website, the less satisfied they’ll be with your brand. Imagine walking into a store, only to be greeted by a confusing layout and disorganised mess. Not very impressive, right? Thus, it’s important for you to have a clear navigation menu and appropriately named sections so your website is organised.

3. Ensure your product information is accurate

Whatever your visitors and customers came to your website to do, make sure you only offer accurate information. This can include: stock/warehouse levels, product descriptions, product imagery, videos and other media, pricing.

4. Include customer quotes

Feedback from real-life people is a perfect way to build customer trust and entice sales. So, when you’re designing your website, look for ways you can show off customer feedback.
Will you have a product/service ratings section? Will there be a client testimonials page? Can you add videos and images?, etc

5. Use a mixture of content blocks

Content blocks are building blocks that you bring together to create your webpages – for example, image sliders, text blocks and videos. Mix and match your content blocks to create a great customer experience. Contrast helps your customers identify the different pages on offer. It also makes your web pages come alive and showcases your products in a better light.

6. Offer a variety of customer service functionalities

Make it easy for your customers to reach out to you. Have a ‘contact us’ page with your customer service details on. But also consider a live chat function, an automated chatbot, integrated social media channels and an FAQs section. Different people want different things and the more variety you can offer to your customers, the happier they’ll be.

7. Optimise for different devices

People don’t just browse via computers or laptops these days. Many people like to conduct research via their tablets. Even more people like to use their phones. So you need to test and optimise your website for a range of devices. You don’t want to alienate some customers by offering a great user experience on mobile but not on tablet, for example.

What now after your website is fully optimize?

Great website means you can boost your traffic and sales. Sure, getting orders and making sales are exciting. But preparing the orders, packing, and shipping them can be annoying. Especially if you have so many orders around the same time. Instead of coming up with new strategies to build your business, you may end up spending more time managing these orders, especially during flash sales.

But worry not, we have the ability to scale up to 5X during seasonal peaks for marketplace flash sales events. Our automated systems and ability to support scalability in the warehouse and distribution centers gives retailers and brands the agility they need to grow and thrive, whether during times of fast growth, peak holiday surges or seasonal promotions while helping to overcome supply chain disruptions and reduce bottlenecks.

In order to allow you to work more on the important parts of your business, 8Commerce offers complete fulfillment services that include picking, packing, and shipping your orders. Find out more about us here and what we can do to help you boost your business through this link.

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