5 Product Bundling Tips to Increase Your Sales

Sep 27, 2021 | Article

Product bundling is a good way to promote your brand and make more sales. However, product bundling isn’t as simple as pairing together two products or more and sell them at a single price. There’s a lot to consider to make attractive bundles that generate revenue for your business.

Thinking about trying to bundle your products to drive sales? Then you’re on the right page, because here in the article we’re going to give you 5 tips about how to do it the right way.

1. Mix your bundle

As we’ve already mentioned above, product bundling isn’t only about randomly picking two or more items, then tape them together or put them together in the same bag for them to be sold at one price.

Typically, people do product bundling to introduce their new products or get rid of slow-moving products. So their bundle will likely feature those two type of goods.

Just remember, you don’t want to bundle a new product with another new product, or the slow-moving product with another slow-moving product. Make people more interested by pairing the items with one of your best-selling items.

2. Make bundles that make sense

Just because you can pair stuff into a bundle, doesn’t mean that you should! It’s better to come up with a smart and well-thought product bundling, which doesn’t look like you just throw things into the mix.

Let’s learn from the following example. A facial foam that’s bundled together with a toilet cleaner product will seemingly generate more questions and even jokes than sales. It might even generate negative perception of your products, because people will think you must want to get rid of them so bad that you even thought about creating that silly bundling.

3. Make bundles that give your customer better experience

You can make even better sales with bundles of products that complete each other. For example, a bundle of shampoo and conditioner, a bundle of toothbrush and toothpaste, or a bundle of new phone and the internet plan – two products that work better when used together.

When the bundled products add values to each other, your customers will think of it as a great offer that they don’t want to miss.

4. Also sell your bundled products separately

Nintendo once saw their revenue decreasing by 20% when they made a certain product available only through a bundle. Here’s why: Customers will realize how valuable each of the bundled items is when they’re sold separately. They will then purchase the bundle because they believe it’s cheaper and a better option than buying the items separately.

5. Make your bundles prettier

You may not be the only one doing product bundling. But you can still win the competition by making your bundle as catchy as possible. Instead of just taping your products together, add them to a pouch with your branding or arrange them in a gift set-like box to make them look neater. It takes time and more money, of course. But if that generates bigger income, then why not?

Where to start

If you’re planning to do product bundling, first you need to find out which items can be put together. You should know which items are best sellers and which ones are the slow-moving products. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and ask yourself whether or not you want to buy the bundle.

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