5 Good Reasons You’d Better Outsource Your Warehousing

Sep 2, 2021 | Article

Nothing is better than seeing your business growing. Sometimes it even grows bigger than expected that it gives you a headache when it comes to warehousing. 

Yes, once you increase your production to fulfilll the increasing demands, you won’t have enough warehouse space anymore. The work to pick, pack, and ship your customers’ orders will be more difficult to manage too. 

A larger warehouse with larger storage capacity and larger number of workers sure can solve that problem. It’s, however, not for every online business owners as it can be expensive. If a bigger warehouse or more workers isn’t an option for you right now, don’t worry because it doesn’t mean you can’t increase your production. There’s an option to leave your warehousing problems to a fulfilment enabler. 

Not sure why you should trust a third party to keep up with your stocks and manage your orders? Let us give 5 good reasons that will change your mind!

1. More spaces for less money 

By partnering with a fulfilment enabler, you’ll have more spaces for storage at a fraction of the cost you’ll have to spend for a new warehouse. You don’t have to pay for spaces that you don’t need and it’s flexible enough that you may increase your storage capacity in the future when you need it.

2. Reducedoverallcosts 

Investing on a larger warehouse is expensive, and we don’t only talk about the cost of the building. Owning a warehouse means you’ll also have to be ready for costs related to maintenance, updated technology used in it, the labors, licenses, and many more. But these costs won’t be your responsibility if you work with fulfilment enabler.

3. Your problems are handled by the professionals

Considering that fulfilment enabler learn their income from giving the best facility and services, they’ll likely get the experts involved in their businesses. The experts of course have better understanding when it comes to the ins and outs of product flows, increasing efficiency in handling your orders, the laws and regulations, and everything else related to logistics. 

4. Customer satisfaction

Expect perfection as you get your problems solved or your orders handled by the professionals in the field. With your stock getting handled properly and your orders getting shipped quickly, you can easily increase customer satisfaction.

5. Focus more on your business

If you’re not in the warehousing business, you shouldn’t spend so much time taking care of warehousing problems. Let your preferred fulfilment enabler takes over that annoying part of your business, so you can have the time to focus more on something more significant – like creating new strategies for your core business.  

8Commerce is ready to assist you 

Looking to finally benefit from partnering up with fulfillment enabler? 8Commerce is here to serve you. We’ll be happy to help simplify and scale-up your business even more with assistance from our professional team as well as the integrated technology we have used, including our smart platform Sales Channel Integration that eases your problems in doing business on multiple marketplaces and gives you insightful reports for your future business strategy. 

Start your worry-free e-commerce business journey with 8Commerce. Click here to reach out to our team right now. 

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