8Commerce Continues to Facilitate Vaccination for Their Employees

Aug 17, 2021 | Article

With the number of active Covid-19 cases still high and continuing to affect the economy worldwide, vaccination has become esensial. While it doesn’t immediately and directly kill the virus and end the pandemic, vaccination is proven to be efficient to reduce the risk of death caused by the virus.  

As part of their commitment to protect their employees and create a safe workplace for them, 8Commerce has continuously been encouraging them to get vaccinated. Since the government announced the availability of Covid-19 vaccines for public, the company has coordinated with several vaccination organizers around Jakarta in order to accelerate the vaccination efforts. 

8Commerce has had their employees participate in vaccination programs held in various locations over the past few months, including Bhakti Mulia Hospital in Slipi and Royal Progress Hospital in Sunter, Jakarta. 

Thanks to their awareness of the importance of protecting themselves against the virus, 78% of 8Commerce’s 96 employees have now completed their vaccine series with a second dose. The company now hopes that 100% of their employees will have been fully vaccinated by the end of September 2021.  

“We’d like to ensure the safety of our valuable assets, who are our employees, as well as their families,” said 8Commerce’s President Director Subakti Setiawan of promoting vaccination to the employees.  

Additionally, Mr.Subakti stated that the company’s vaccination push was also intended to benefit their customers. “By having our employees in their best condition, we can continue our operations and continue helping our clients’ businesses to grow,” he explained. “This proves that 8Commerce has a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) to deal with the situation caused by the current pandemic.” 

Vaccination, however, isn’t the only health intervention 8Commerce has implemented to prevent Covid-19 from interrupting operational. The company still requests that their employees follow the health protocols. Everyone’s still required to wear masks, wash their hands regularly, avoid crowded places, and keep their distance from one another to pretect themselves and  everyone around them. 

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