4 Low-Budget (Even Free) Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Jul 30, 2021 | Article

Marketing is one of the most important things to pay attention to when you’re running a business. You need it to introduce your business to your target audience. You need it to grab your potential customers’ attention. And you need it to make sales.  

But let’s get real. Marketing can be expensive. If you’re an established business, it may not be a problem for you to shell out money for advertising and promotion. That, however, is not the case if you’re a small business with little money. 

But before you skip out on marketing altogether, let us tell you that there are a few marketing ideas that cost you little to no money. And just because they’re cheaper than marketing options that you may have been familiar with, it doesn’t mean they don’t work. Find out more about 4 of the marketing ideas below and start growing your business. 

Video Marketing 

More and more people are spending their time watching videos. So why don’t you turn your marketing material into videos your target audience can watch? 

While video marketing is a good idea, it’s not entirely a new thing. Millions of people are doing it these days. So what you have to do is make sure your video is useful and leaving a lasting impression on your viewers. You can make tutorial videos, conduct workshops to be broadcast online on social media platforms of your choice, or even share lighthearted behind-the-scene videos. 

Social Media Engagement 

Social media connects you with everyone from all around the world. That means, there are millions people that you can call your potential customers. And unless you’re running ads, social media is free. 

But again, most business owners are also doing social media marketing. So make differences by opting for high-quality and engaging content. Plus dedicate more time and energy to interact with your followers. Replying to their comments, asking for their opinions, conducting a mini survey, or doing Q&A sessions are not that hard to do. It’s your commitment and consistency that matters. 

SEO-Friendly Website 

Coming at the top of search engine ranks will surely bring a huge impact on your business. The easier way to achieve it is through advertisement, which of course involves money. But if you insist on free marketing, you’d better start learning about SEO (search engine optimization). 

By using the right keywords in your website or blog entries, and following the rules in accordance with search engine algorithm, you can increase traffic to your website for free. This could subsequently generate sales too. 

However, it’s worth noting that SEO isn’t something that could be done overnight. It may take weeks or even months for the results to show.  

Community Events 

Your offline presence is just as important as your online presence. Gather support from locals around you by joining community events. There are several ways you can do to engage with the locals and raise awareness of your business. 

You can do something that is completely free like sharing your expertise with the community. Or if you do have some money, try opening a pop-up store, hosting a bazaar, or donating to local charities.  

Which One do You Think is Best? 

There are no easy and cheap marketing strategies that guarantee magically quick results. Everything takes time.  

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