4 Actions to Do to Get People Buy From You

Oct 25, 2021 | Article

There are a number of reasons why people hesitate to buy from you. No matter how much they’re interested in what you sell, several people will postpone closing a deal with you. If you ask them why, they will likely say they still have several things to consider.

In this kind of situation, you can neither stay silent or be too pushy.

A customer, a potential one, is in front of your eyes. You’re so close to making sales and a good seller will try to make the sales happen. However, you don’t want to be too aggressive either. You wouldn’t want your potential customer to feel intimidated by your constant follow-ups.

So what you actually need is a subtle push that reminds your customer that they need to buy from you. All without making them feel like they owe you anything. But how can you give your customer that push?

1. Make your website or online store look reliable

When doing e-commerce, your website or online store is the face of your business. They’re the first thing people see, so make sure they can create a good impression.

To create a good website or online store, you need to be clear about what you do, what you sell, or what service you provide. Also mention what makes you stand out or how your products are better than your competitors’.

Basically, write down all the compelling reasons people should choose you. However, it’s not okay to overcrowd the pages. People tend to get bored by too many words and find visuals more pleasurable these days.

Still, too many videos and pictures may slow down your website and hinder people from browsing your pages conveniently. So getting your website or online store pages done by the experts is always a good option.

2. Display positive reviews from past customers

Your customers will always want the best service and products from you. But if they have never even interacted with you before, how will they know they can get what they expect?

This is where your past reviews play an important role. Don’t be shy to show off the positive reviews from your previous satisfied clients, because they’re a proof of your work. And they will help you convince your new clients to close a deal with you.

3. Keep your potential customers updated with new info

Usually, you give your potential customers two-three days after your initial pitch to review your offer. Afterwards, you’re allowed to make sales follow-ups meant to encourage them to take action. However, that doesn’t mean you can bombard them with phone calls or messages.

Do follow-ups in a nice and classy way. Keep them reminded of you by regularly sending them updates. Identify their pain point and create marketing emails in which you mention how you can solve their problems. You can also send them info regarding your ongoing promotions, educational content, etc. The point is, you constantly remind them about your existence without being agressive.

4. Create sense of urgency

Even after deciding that they need or want your products, some people still cannot seem to take an action. One thing to get them to do something is by creating an urgency that they will find difficult to resist. This can be in the form of discount or other types of sales promotion only applicable if they make a purchase within the week or month.

Supporting your sales

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