Learn These New Strategies to Keep Your Business Running During Pandemic

Jul 26, 2021 | Article

COVID-19 is still affecting Indonesian society. More than a year after it began, the numbers of infections and deaths are still high. The pandemic still causes disruption in many industries that ends up with declining sales, business closure, and massive layoffs.

However, it doesn’t mean that all businesses will meet their demise during this crisis. Instead this could be a chance to start and even grow your business. But first, you need to modify your strategy and approach to customers.

As people’s priority changes, it’s necessary to learn their new behavior and find out what you can do to accommodate their needs. Here are 6 things you can do to start a better business operation to adapt to the rapidly-changing condition.

Go online

Especially after the virus outbreak, people these days prefer to buy things online. So if you haven’t tried selling things online, this is the right time to start. You can offer your products through social media, messenger, or list them on marketplace.

Easy to access, fast-loading platforms

Internet has become one of the most essential things to keep everything running during the pandemic. More people are using it for online school, to work from home, and others. And as more people access the internet, especially when they’re connected to the same network, the speed may become slower.

So it’s important to make your products easier to access by listing them on fast-loading e-commerce platforms. If you list it on your personal website, you may want to get rid of high-resolution design that will slow down the loading process. The point is make your potential customers comfortable as they shop on your online store.

Alternate payments

Not all of your potential customers are millenials or people used to online banking. Some are still skeptical about its safety. Some don’t even have bank accounts. Help them bring home your products by offering alternate payments, including cash on delivery and convenience store payment if possible.

Offering installments

In the middle of uncertainty, people have to be real careful about where their money goes. It could mean that people would prioritize food, healthcare, mortgage, rent or car loan payments over new phone, jewelry and luxury goods. If you happen to be selling these pricey items, try making sales by offering installments. So people can still afford your products and still have money for their other needs.

Fulfill customer’s needs without fail

During this period, it’s important to never lose a customer. So treat them nicely. Reply to their inquiries, fulfill their needs and make sure they’re satisfied. This is an easy thing that brings huge impact. But the busier you get, the more difficult it is to pay attention to such details. Picking items, packing them and shipping them will slowly frustrate you. Not to mention responding to their questions or complaints.

But fortunately there’s a solution for it. In response to e-commerce growth, especially in Indonesia, 8commerce emerges as a trusted fulfillment service to help you simplify store operation. In addition to picking, packing and shipping, 8Commerce provides secure storage and excellent customer service.

Using Sales Channel Integration (SCI) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) that provide accurate data regarding sales and stock from multiple e-commerce platforms, 8Commerce also makes sure each order is handled and each item is delivered to your customers. Click here to reach out to us for more details about 8commerce and its services.

Ensure the safety of each parcel

People have been worried about buying things online, especially ones shipped from outside of the country, due to risk of virus contamination. Assure your customer that it is safe to receive packages from your company as you and your employees have followed the required public health protocols.

Add extra assurance by disinfecting each item prior to packaging and telling your customers to disinfect their package again upon delivery. If needed, spray more disinfectant to the items inside the package.

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