5 tips to drive repeat sales online

Apr 5, 2022 | Article

In the e-commerce world, a big part of driving sales and revenue each month has to involve targeting new customers and convincing them to buy for the very first time. But e-commerce businesses can’t survive in the long run based on purchases from new customers alone. You also need to build loyalty with past customers and convince them to buy from you again and again.

The 3 pillars of a successful online brand are based on providing a simple shopping experience, enabling a multi-touch-point fulfillment process, and delivering excellent customer service. Most e-commerce businesses tend to invest heavily in the shopping experience but forget the fulfillment experience which is an integral part of customer service satisfaction. Here are some practical tips to drive repeat sales online:

1. Develop a Loyalty Program

Reward customers for their loyalty. Developing a loyalty membership to your store is another way to increase conversions from your current customers while rewarding them for their repeat purchases. Creating a loyalty program can be as simple as rewarding customers on their second purchase at your store or after a set dollar figure.

2. Offer them discount

Incentivize your customers. Market research shows that 80% of sales often come from 20% of customers. Sending existing customers personalized discount offer via email the merchant will reinforce your brand value. This is a more direct form of engagement, but giving the user a coupon or discount code that would apply to their second purchase is a great way to get them coming back.

3. Add live chat feature with human

The live chat feature has been around for many years and lately, it is being driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Customers are savvy and know when an AI agent is behind the scenes trying to solve their problem or answer questions. A badly implemented AI Chatbot creates more irritation for the customer and often will result in abandoned transactions if a real operator that can actually “think” is not available. So always go for live human as your main customer support assistant.

4. Sell the experience, not the product

Nowadays, there’s very little you can sell that can’t be gotten elsewhere. Thus, you need to focus not on what you sell, but instead how you sell it. Completely differentiate your customer experience and make sure it’s remarkable. Products come and go, but there will always be a market for truly remarkable experiences. Giving a memorable experience to your customers is a great way to ensure future business.

5. Provide better fulfillment notifications

No customers want to call customer service to enquire “Where is My Order?” and those that do call tend to bottleneck your customer service teams. By implementing a service that provides a dynamic logistics notification feature coupled with a simple design a brand will deliver a superior customer experience.

After you have more sales from repeat customers, what’s next?

You need to optimize your fulfilment process. Improve your customer’s online shopping experience by responding to their orders immediately and accurately. But fulfilling orders can take too much time and effort. Of course, you don’t need to do this alone. We’ve got your back.

8Commerce utilizes Omnichannel Sales Integration, a smart platform that simplifies your business by integrating orders and inventories from multiple marketplaces. This platform enables you to keep track on hundreds and even thousands of your goods. All data and information will be shown real-time, so it’s easier for you to monitor your stocks and set up new strategies to scale up your business.

With omnichannel sales integration, your channels and inventory are integrated to streamline the fulfillment and delivery process. This will allow you to to accept orders from your various marketplaces and online outlets, validate those orders, manage returns, track inventory and fulfillment, and handle all billing-related details.

Save your precious time and energy with 8Commerce, who will take over your warehousing and fulfillment problems. Interested in learning more about us? Find out details about us here and get in touch with out team right now through this link.

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