4 Tips to Boost Brand Awareness on Social Media

Nov 1, 2021 | Article

Just how important is brand awareness in a business? Let us tell you: it’s super important! Before buying from you, your customers first need to know that you exist. Once your business becomes visible to them, then you can work on earning their trust and trying to turn them into loyal customers that generate big revenues for your company.

So how to start raising awareness? How much will it cost? We’re happy to tell you that one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to start increasing brand awareness is probably something that you’ve always had: social media.

Multiple studies show that social media users continue to increase, especially these past few years. In Indonesia alone, DataReportal mentions that there are 170 million users as of January 2021. That figure increased by 10% compared to last year, and is equivalent to 61.8% of the total population of the country.

The increasing number of users aside, raising brand awareness through social media is a good choice because it can be a lot cheaper than any other methods you know. But still, you need to pay attention to several things when using social media as a tool to raise awareness. Here are some tips you can do to raise awareness the right way.

1. Use the right platforms

There are a number of social media platforms out there, but not all of them are for you. Choose only the ones that match your audience. For example, Instagram and Twitter are perfect if you are in the business-to-consumers industry or if you’re aiming for younger audience. If you’re targeting fellow business owners, professionals, or older audience, you may want to go to LinkedIn and Facebook instead.

2. Use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy to promote products or services with the help of one influencer or more. The influencer could be an actor, YouTuber, Instagram model, or other internet personality who has a large following base and the ability to persuade their followers.

The larger their following base is, or the more influential they are to their followers, the bigger your chance is to get more exposure from new potential customers.

3. Mention who you are

Instagram only allows 150 characters in an account’s bio, while Twitter allows 160 characters. Pretty short, right? But this is the section your potential customers will read first after they find out about you on those social media platforms.

So write down everything about you as clear as possible in it. Avoid those flowery words when trying to explain who you are and what you do. Be concise as you describe your business, its location, and your contact information.

Feeling like explaining a lot more to your new customers? Attach the link directed to your website!

4. Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff. So grab their attention by starting a contest or giveaway. However, you can’t just give away prizes. Set up rules that ensure your giveaway brings positive impacts to your business. The impacts can be in the form of new followers, increased traffic to your website, engagement rate, etc.

It’s worth noting, though, that giveaways don’t always give the results that you expect. You may launch a giveaway expecting new followers to stick with your brand through its ups and downs. But you may end up seeing a sharp decrease in your following after the giveaway period ends.

This is normal. Big brands experience this too. But there will be several people that stay. Your job is maintain the new followers. They are your real target market and the ones that you should really care about. Feed them content that they will like and find useful. Do it consistently and they will soon turn into your loyal customers.

What now after people are getting familiar with your brand?

These tips work for you? Now be ready for increasing sales! With more and more people finding out about you, you’re likely going to see yourself overwhelmed with warehousing and processing new orders.

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