4 Simple Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Sep 30, 2021 | Article

What’s more important for your business than your customers? We’d say, loyal customers – because they’re the ones that create stable revenues and steadier profits for your business. Moreover, loyal customers are more likely to recommend your products to other potential customers, which means free advertising for you.

However, gaining loyal customers isn’t an easy task. Not every customer can be a loyal customer. In fact out of hundreds of your customers, there are probably only tens of them whom you can call loyal customers. But if you do want to build a loyal customer base, here are 4 simple tips you can learn!

1. Good customer service

A study shows that about 73% of businesses with above average customer service are doing better financially than their competitors. Another states that 77% of customers say they’ll recommend a brand even after one positive experience.

This shows how important having excellent customer service is. So make sure you have skilled, empathetic, and friendly staff ready to provide solution for every problem in a timely manner.

2. Reward programs

Keep your customers coming back to you by giving them rewards. As a token of appreciation for people who choose you over other brands, you can offer loyalty points that can later be exchanged with discount, access to special events, free stuff, or limited-edition goods.

This is a practice already popular with so many business owners – which is understandable because it does work. After all people love it when you show gratitude to them, even if it’s in the form of points. But on top of that, people love being rewarded.

3. Ask for feedbacks and listen

If you really want to know how to earn your customers’ loyalty, why don’t you ask them? They know exactly what you should improve and maybe what you should eliminate. You can do surveys, social listening, read your social media reviews, etc. to get the feedbacks.

But don’t just collect the feedbacks. You should listen to them all also and make adjustments to let your customers know they’re heard.

4. Exceed their expectations

It’s easy to forget about good experience. But it’s not so easy to forget about very good experience. So start aiming to deliver the exceptional for your customers. It can be the quality of your products, the customer service response, or the processing time.

Focus to build customer loyalty

There are a lot more you can do to earn loyalty from your customers. As you focus on getting your customers to stick around, let 8Commerce handle the fulfillment for on-time order processing, shipping, and delivery. Contact us now here and start delivering excellence to your customers.

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